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Tuning Ventilation Systems Saves Energy, Reduces Employee Exposure Risk

Are we running exhaust fans enough to keep the air breathable and safe? Are we over-running fans and wasting energy?

Area exposure monitors are ideal for showing airborne particulate concentration over time in a designated area. Personal exposure monitors can do the same, but they also provide usable details about concentrations within the employee’s breathing zone. Used together, the two device types provide effective real-time data for making decisions regarding employee health and ventilation control.

Recently, we helped a customer with a large welding operation. There was visible smoke on the plant floor during operation, so they needed to address both potential hexavalent chrome and total respirable dust exposure. They decided to use the TSI DustTrak DRX handheld unit for area monitoring, and employees started wearing TSI SidePak AM510s for personal monitoring.

DustTrakDRX BlogSidePak AM510 Blog.jpg

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How to safely make a two-man testing and balancing job into a one-man job

Time is money. How often do we hear this? Daily.

And how do we turn our time into more money? For mechanical contractors, it’s about coming up with a way to do a job quickly, accurately, and safely.

TSI came out with a great way to do all three when you have to use a capture hood for taking measurements at ceiling diffusers and grills. And it was easy: They designed a stand that allows you reach up to 15 feet without ever leaving the ground. Some trick, huh?

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