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Sudden Rise in Employee Health Complaints?

Do workers in your offices suffer from long bouts of sneezing, sniffling, cough, sore throat, itchy or red eyes and skin, or fatigue — for no explainable reason?

The mold and pollen counts are low. But workers complain of headaches, stuffed noses, itchy eyes, and breathing problems. Do they say they feel better at home in the evenings or on weekends, or when they leave the office during lunch? Is it just cold season, or an environmental illness caused by exposure to respirable particles or chemicals?

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The detrimental effects of moisture and how to avoid it

When someone mentions issues with moisture, the first thing that comes to my mind is mold. If your basement has ever flooded, you can relate. This article is not about that.

In the manufacturing and process world, moisture can cause significant problems, even in small 3272360-moisture-drops-on-the-blue-transparent-surfaceconcentrations. The phrase “water and oil don’t mix” came to being for a reason (well, technically it can under the right pressure, but you get the idea).

Water doesn’t always play well with others. It can cause corrosion in valves, pipes and motors. It will react with a number of chemicals like lithium, sodium, silver, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. It can destroy catalysts in hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing. And of course, it will freeze.

So what does that mean to your processes?

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