Laser-based alloy analysis: better than x ray for aluminum and red metals

Laser spectroscopy can boost productivity and make your alloy sorting more profitable. Want to turn 5 tons/month into 25 or more? The SciAps laser-based alloy analyzer is the key to profitable alloy sorting.

SciAps Z laser gun can sort Al alloys in just 1 to 2 seconds, whereas x-ray can take up to 60. Laser can also process copper alloys at least 3 times faster than x-ray, making it the most productive alloy analyzer on the market.

But, how is it so fast?

SciAps Z is the only laser gun that offers on-board Argon purge, the key to fast and accurate alloy analysis. Using Argon yields 10x or better intensities with higher precision and limits of detection. The Z uses a high energy/pulse laser (6mj/pulse or higher), making it the most powerful laser available.

Not to mention, laser spectroscopy eliminates exposure to radiation, making for a safer upgrade. It is easier to handler small samples because you can hold them in your hand and you don’t need to have a test stand, lap top or radiation badge.

The maintenance costs are also must lower, with no detectors or tubes to break. Repairs typically run at about $500, maximum $1500, whereas a typical x-ray repair will cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000.

To learn more about laser spectroscopy for alloy analysis, register for our free webinar with Don Sackett, CEO and cofounder of SciAps Thursday, November 19 1pm Central.


Learn more about SciAps laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) metal analyzers from RAECO


RAECO is the premiere Midwest U.S. distributor for measurement, detection, and analysis instrumentation.

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