Using TSI DustTrak to comply with EPA ambient air standards

A customer recently asked the question, “Will the EPA accept the TSI DustTrak as evidence of compliance with ambient air standards?”

The answer, simply: Yes.

The USEPA recognizes the TSI DustTrak as an acceptable “other test method” as specified by OTM 34, section 2.3.1.

USEPA defines “other test methods” as methods that have not yet been subject to the Federal rulemaking process, but have been found useful to the emission measurement community by EMC staff.

Section 2.3.1 addresses measurement of PM concentrations by a mobile system. This method requires mobile measurement systems to be capable of resolving PM concentrations with high time resolution.

The TSI DustTrak nephelometer complies with EPA standards because it allows for PM concentration to be inferred from the light scattering properties of aerosols.


Learn more about the TSI DustTrak or the TSI Environmental DustTrak for long-term outdoor monitoring at Get the spec sheet, read the user manual, and watch a short introduction video from TSI.

RAECO-LIC-LLC is the authorized TSI representative in the Midwest United States.

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