TSI’s FitPro+ v3.1 software update addresses dashboard issues

When TSI launched FitPro+ v3.0 it was a big improvement over the previous FitPro v2. I wrote about its release last year. But, all software can, and usually does, need some tweaking.

TSI launched their newest version on April 8th. There are number of changes, but I think these will be the most helpful to you if your are performing fit testing with the TSI Portacount Pro 8030/8038:fitpro+ 3.1 screenshot

1. Scaling on the dashboard is better. If you were using v3.0 on a laptop, it’s likely you were not seeing the bottom of the window while running a fit test. Also, you may have though the font size seemed small and more difficult to read. The dashboard is now adjustable and the font size large and easier to read.

You can also choose between a vertical and horizontal layout. This can be changed under Global Fit Test Options.  I think the vertical layout looks a lot better than the previous version, especially if you are only running a single fit test. A scroll bar will appear on some of the parameters, but at least you can fit the window to your screen. Both the sizing and font size are big improvements.

2. You can now add a respirator on the fit test screen. Past versions allowed you to add a new person before starting a fit test and that hasn’t changed. However, this is the first time you will be able to add a respirator. This will save you from backing out of the fit test and having to edit the respirator table separately.

3. You can exclude the fit test card on the bottom of the fit test print out. Unless you are planning to cut off or punch out the fit test card at the bottom of each fit test, there’s little reason for it to be there. This can be changed in Global Fit Test Options.

There are a few other changes to reporting options, but I think the three I mentioned will have the most impact day to day.

For a free download of the new FitPro+ v3.1 software.

RAECO-LIC LLC is the authorized TSI representative  in the Midwest United States.

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