Six Critical Things You Can Learn from a Flow Spot Check

pt878-flowWe hosted a webinar on March 12 discussing the use of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for flow spot checking. While spending a little time discussing the technology, there were six things (well, seven, with the bonus) that could be learned. Here’s a quick review of what was discussed:

1. Validating pump and control valve operation and performance – there’s time and money needed to shut down a process to verify that valves are reading correctly. A spot check in real-time can save both.

2. Identify leaks – using multiple meters and datalogging a datalogging feature would allow you to leave the meters in place for a period of time and run a comparative analysis and identify any leaks in the process.

3. Verify your other flowmeters within your facility – a clamp on meter can verify the signal strength and sound speed of your electromagnetic, vortex, impeller or differential pressure meters.

4. Balance chilled water or high temperature hot water loops – spot checking is a popular option for campus facilities technicians to troubleshoot other meters as well as assisting in placing in-line meters.

5. Help properly size ancillary plant equipment – spot checking can assist when process and plant engineers are designing plant upgrades for heat exchanges and cooling towers.

6. Chemical Plant Mass Balance – ultrasonic works well with a wide range of chemicals as it is a non-contact measurement and can verify what’s going in and coming out without touching the product.

Bonus: Confirm Flow Direction and Pipe Line Conditions – its rare that a customer wouldn’t know the flow direction of a pipe (they are usually embarrassed to admit it), but there are times when older, undocumented pipes are uncovered and need to be verified.

To view the full webinar.

As we start to move into warmer months, your facility may need to verify chilled water usage or you may have difficulties measuring steam as it is being used less. RAECO LIC LLC may be able to help by offering a number of clamp-on and in-line flow meters for measuring water or steam.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters
GE AquaTrans AT600 Panametrics Single Channel Clamp-On Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
GE TransPort PT878 Panametrics Portable Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

RAECO LIC LLC is the authorized representative of GE Measurement and Control in the U.S. Midwest

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