How your four gas meter is like a leaky faucet

If your weekends are anything like mine, they often involve a run to the Home Depot. Ok, it usually requires multiple trips because often my first “fix” didn’t take.leaky faucet

I recently had to fix a leaky faucet in my bathtub. I assumed it would be a quick fix until I started taking the fixture apart. It’s a Kohler unit, which is nice, but the parts are not inexpensive, a fact which surprised me a bit once I got to the hardware store. I should really say “stores” because the first location didn’t have all the parts I needed and required a second stop. The fix itself wasn’t too bad, but by the time I finished, I had spent a lot more money than I though I would and used up most of the morning.

Sometimes maintaining four gas meters feels the same way. The nicer, more expensive units are great, but maintenance and replacement sensor costs can sneak up on you and add up quickly. Also, if you have to replace sensors by bringing in multiple units from the field on multiple occasions, you may have significant labor hours allocated to a very inexpensive four gas meter. You should always consider the total cost of ownership when deciding which portable gas detection you’re going to use for your facility.

There are a number of variables that can effect total cost of ownership:

  1. Frequency of replacing sensors
  2. Cost of replacement sensors
  3. Cost of other replacement parts (this can be a big one)
  4. Cost of labor associated with replacing sensor

We often get the question about replacing sensors versus replacing the instrument. Some meters (such as BW’s Quattro) have a 2-year warranty on the unit and sensors. If parts or sensors break in that two-year period, they are covered under the warranty. The meter itself is relatively inexpensive, so we have some customers that choose to replace their meters after two years rather than purchasing and replacing sensors. This may not make sense for your facility, but it may be an option worth exploring.

Raeco LIC can help you determine the true cost of ownership of your portable gas detection program.

RAECO LIC LLC is a representative of BW Technologies by Honeywell in the Midwest US.


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