A cloud based remote dust monitoring solution

A few weeks back, I wrote about how humidity can affect your readings while dust monitoring. I also wrote about how a heated inlet can help improve these measurements.

Now, let’s say that data is in location a few miles away from your office, or even a few hundred miles. Likely, you or someone else would have to trek out to field and retrieve your data. And as your driving or walking out there, you’re likely thinking to yourself “there has to be an easier way to get this data (without the use of a really really long cable)”. And you’d be correct.

Enter a little company called Netronix.

Netronix provides a device and network that lets its customers monitor a number environmental conditions including air quality (both particulate and gas), noise, water quality and water pressure.

Using  a Thiamis, a four-in-one device that acts as a controller, a data logger, a modem and a GPS, you can retrieve all of your data online and in real time. All information is sent wirelessly to the cloud, which can be viewed using Environet, a web-based software application.  The Thiamis and Environet are compatible with sensors from a number of manufacturers and plan to add that list.

TSI is currently using this with their DustTrak line, which is fantastic if you are concerned about monitoring around population centers. If a community is concerned about air quality around a mine or a pet coke facility, it would give them the ability to go online and see exactly how much particulate is floating in the air at any give time.

Environet is also designed to send alerts if certain thresholds are exceeded, allowing a company or a community to take action to correct it. I found the software itself to be pretty straight forward and easy to use. While an app does not yet exist, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one in the future.  Even without a specific app, you can view your data on a cell phone (IOS or Android) or tablet web browser, as well as on your PC.

Here’s a quick look at Netronix:

For more information about the TSI DustTrak II and DustTrak DRX aerosol monitors.

RAECO-LIC LLC is the authorized TSI representative  in the Midwest United States.

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