Why didn’t my 3M Edge dosimeter record the session I programmed?

One of the nice features of 3M’s Edge dosimeter is its ability to automatically start and record a session. It’s helpful especially when you have multiple people participating in a survey saving you the time of tracking each of them down, setting the dosimeter and sending them on their way. It also removes the risk of the participants forgetting to set the dosimeter themselves. However, even setting the dosimeter to automatic run mode can run into issues.

There are typically two reasons why this may happen:

1. The Date and Time are set incorrectly. It sounds simple, but this is often a major cause. The best way to set the date and time is using the DMS software. Make sure Auto Run Mode is enabled and you have the correct date selected. Under Duration, chose the time you want the survey to start (in 24 hour time) and then the duration of the survey (not the time). In the image, this survey would start at 8 AM and then run for 8 hours.

3M DMS Edge Programming

2. The dosimeter was not turned off after programming. After you set the AUTO RUN, remove the dosimeter from the docking station and turn the dosimeter off. The dosimeter will turn on automatically when it needs to start recording your session.

Hopefully, these steps will help to make sure you are collecting the data you need.

Raeco LIC is the authorized representative of 3M Detection Solutions in the Midwest US.

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