How to safely make a two-man testing and balancing job into a one-man job

Time is money. How often do we hear this? Daily.

And how do we turn our time into more money? For mechanical contractors, it’s about coming up with a way to do a job quickly, accurately, and safely.

TSI came out with a great way to do all three when you have to use a capture hood for taking measurements at ceiling diffusers and grills. And it was easy: They designed a stand that allows you reach up to 15 feet without ever leaving the ground. Some trick, huh?

Here’s the deal. Using the new TSI Alnor capture hood stand, you no longer have to lug a ladder around and have someone else hold it while you climb up and down to get a measurement. Just put the balometer on the stand and raise it up. Take your reading and roll it to the next diffuser. No double manhours for a job. No double the safety exposure. Quick, easy, accurate, and safe.

Ok, great. So now you’ve raised the balometer six feet overhead, with your feet planted firmly on the ground. How do you read the data? Funny you should ask: There’s an app for that.

You can connect TSI’s EBT731 to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The app also generates reports, allows for voice notes and photos.

Very simple. Very cool.

Here’s a video of it in action:

TSI is currently running a promotion where you can bundle the EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood, the Capture Hood Stand, and a Nexus 7 Android tablet loaded with LogDat Mobile software. The bundle runs $3,350 which saves you $595 if you were to purchase each separately.  And you can be assured that the tablet is compatible with the app and will connect to the instrument, because TSI has already done the testing and installation for you!

Read more about the TSI EBT731 electronic balancing tool at

RAECO-LIC LLC is the exclusive authorized distributor of TSI and Alnor products in the Midwest United States.

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