Make sure to remove the rubber stoppers before using the TSI 4146 primary flow calibrator


I ran into a small problem recently with a customer who had purchased some of TSI’s 4146 primary flow calibrators for their industrial hygienists in the field. The flow readings they were getting were about 60% of where they should have been.

Were the sensors working? Yes, they were fine.

Was it connected correctly without any leaks?

Well, yes and no.

It turns out there was a leak from the adapter.

Was the adapter faulty? Nope. So what’s the deal?

The culprit was the rubber stoppers used to keep the sensors clean when not in use. While some adapters can be attached with the rubber stoppers on the calibrator without issue, some of the newer adapters are a bit wider on the end to make them easier to remove after calibration. They do, however require that you remove the rubber stoppers completely to get a good seal.

TSI recommends removing the rubber stoppers before doing any calibration.

Sometimes it the little things that get us…

For more information on the TSI 4146 Primary Flow Calibrator.

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