Why can’t I get my old database to work in my new Portacount?

You’re excited that you’ve upgraded your Portacount to a newer unit.  You get the new one up and running and are all set to fit test for the day. You have  a line of people waiting, but you can’t find anyone’s name on your flash drive.  No one. Not a one. There’s nothing there.

“But everyone should be on this Flashdrive,” you think.  “Why isn’t this working?” The thought of reentering everyone in your hospital, fire station, or occupational health clinic makes you want to throw something at the wall. “Why won’t this stupid thing work with my old database?”

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we run into this problem a lot.

The reason that the data from TSI’s older FitPlus v3 software and the new FITPRO won’t talk to each other is that they run on two different software platforms and are saved in different formats.

If you were using FitPlus v3 to store all your fit test data, it used Microsoft Access. These files use the extension: .mdb.

The newer version of the Portacount uses FITPRO software. It uses Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 to store all fit test data. These files use the extension:  .mdf.

In order to use your old data, you simply need to convert the .mdb file into a .mdf file.

Here’s how to do that:

Open FITPRO and follow these instuctions:

Convert Database Screen

  1. Select Database | Utilities | Convert. The Convert Database dialog appears.
  2. Click [Browse] to find and select the FitPlus v3 (.mdb) database you want to convert.
  3. Browse for a directory path on your flash drive and provide a name for the new destination database.
  4. After selecting a source and destination database file, click [Convert Data]. If there are no errors, the message “Database conversion complete” will be displayed.
  5. Click [Exit] to end the conversion process.

If you have multiple databases, you have to convert each one using the same process.

One last critical step before testing: The newly converted database is not automatically set as the active database. Go to Database | Change Active to select the new database file as the active database.

Hopefully this will help you get on the way to running your fit tests without headaches.

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